Saturday, January 19, 2008

Out with Soccer.... In with Rock Climbing

Madison is all finished with soccer for the season.
Now she has started rock climbing. A friend of hers from school invited her to come check it out and she really LOVES it.
She's ALWAYS loved the rock wall at the gym but this was her first experience at "real" climbing. Like with belaying and tying knots, etc.
We decided on the very first night to sign her up for the league. Now she spends 2 nights a week doing it with other children of her age. It's VERY nerve-wracking for me! Honestly it frightens me way more than words could express but they are very safe there. The coaches are excellent and safety is their top priority. Surprisingly, the information they gave said there are fewer injuries rock climbing than playing soccer...
Who knew? : )
The first picture is in the boulder room. This room doesn't require a harness. It's much lower.
The others definitely require a harness!

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