Monday, January 28, 2008

Last weekend was my great friend Rebecca's baby shower! Here is a picture of her and Marizza. It was a lot of fun and I'm so
excited for her!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

January 3

Happy Birthday Elijah!!!

Rain, Rain, go away, come again another day...

Normally, I love rain. I'm getting kind of tired of it right now though.


Christmas was great! We had a nice morning with just us three.
In the afternoon we went to my Grandma Rose's house. A lot of my family met up there. We decided to have a "Mexican" dinner. We had cheese enchiladas, chicken enchiladas, taco's, and tamale pie. It was wonderful!!!
Next to Indian, Mexican food is my favorite!
SPICY food is the best!!!

Christmas is my favorite holiday, I wonder why???
: )

Out with Soccer.... In with Rock Climbing

Madison is all finished with soccer for the season.
Now she has started rock climbing. A friend of hers from school invited her to come check it out and she really LOVES it.
She's ALWAYS loved the rock wall at the gym but this was her first experience at "real" climbing. Like with belaying and tying knots, etc.
We decided on the very first night to sign her up for the league. Now she spends 2 nights a week doing it with other children of her age. It's VERY nerve-wracking for me! Honestly it frightens me way more than words could express but they are very safe there. The coaches are excellent and safety is their top priority. Surprisingly, the information they gave said there are fewer injuries rock climbing than playing soccer...
Who knew? : )
The first picture is in the boulder room. This room doesn't require a harness. It's much lower.
The others definitely require a harness!

November 28th

Happy Birthday Jerry!!!

As for my Thanksgiving post, I forgot to say...

To my MOM and LES for doing all the cooking.

Madison's Birthday Party

Madison had a great 7th Birthday Party. We had it at a place called "Pump It Up". It's FULL of large bounce houses, obstacle courses, and slides. Lots of fun for the kids and EVEN the adults!

Thanksgiving 2007

What a wonderful holiday! I LOVED it! There's nothing better than a house full of people you love.
We had family from the central coast, the bay, Oregon, Illinois, and the Ukraine! It was very special to have four generations together. Even more, we had four generations from each of our families! It was great!!! A holiday that I will never forget and most certainly cherish!

Neglected Blog

WOW!!! I surely have neglected this blog. I'm sorry.
Things get so hectic around the holidays! Let me try to catch up...