Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Family Brunch at White Hills

Grandma Nene,
Alexx and Sienna singing for us,
and Uncle Nathan

It was wonderful to see everyone!

White Hills

This was a beautiful venue and a GREAT family brunch.

Madison and her cousins enjoy a ride in a limo, thanks to Uncle Nathan

Loonanon Pioneers Evening Dance, September 6

Loonanon Pioneers Evening Dance

Family at the dance...
Alexx, Sienna, and Cameron
Uncle Nathan

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Back into the school routine...

Well we are back into the regular school routine. Things are going great.

Madison is in the fourth grade now. She's doing very well academically but occasionally has problems chatting in class.
This year she has decided to take Beginning Orchestra and will be learning the violin. I think it will be a great experience for her and she's very excited about it.

Joshua has also started this semester. He's taking Stats and Spanish. Just working towards a Biology Degree until he can get into the Registered Nursing Program. Our Nursing Programs are soooooo impacted here. Hundreds of applicants for such a small number of slots! In September he will try again, this will be his 5th or 6th try. Unfortunately the selection is made by a lottery system. I'm hoping this time's a charm!

As for myself, work, work, work. This is our busy time and I have my hands full!

We hope everyone is doing well!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Thursday, July 30, 2009

de Young Museum in San Francisco

Mad and I went to see the King Tut exhibit last week. It was amazing. We LOVED it! Unfortunately no pictures were allowed inside but here are some from outside...

Monday, July 20, 2009

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Meet of Champions 25 Yard Breast Stroke

Madison is the first swimmer you can see in the video. She pulls in front about midway through the race. And is WAY ahead at the end : )

This was one of the longest days EVER! I'm really proud of Madison.
We were up at 4am, out the door by 5:30am, arrived at 6:15 and didn't leave until 6:30pm that evening! And Josh did the annoucning from 2:30-6.
It was 106 degrees!!! And we were outdoors the entire day.
No swimming for us adults : ( It sure would have been nice though! Unfortunately, (and gross) we were all swimming in sweat!
I can safely say that last nights (cold) shower was one of the best in my life! Ha, ha!

Madison thoroughly enjoys competitive swimming so I'm sure this won't be the last Meet of Champions for us...
She competed in all strokes this season. I can't believe how well she's done since April. It's truly amazing because back when we started, she could barely swim 25 yards and that was only freestyle. Now she's up and down those lanes in all the strokes like nothing! Luckily, the regular meets are only 7-2 on Saturdays, those are bearable. Actually quite fun! It's a very family oriented sport.

To be continued....

Meet of Champions

Before the races, warm ups, and waiting until the next race....

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Madison in the 25 Yard Freestyle

More Fireworks...

Out to dinner with Grandma Jeanie and Aunt Jeannine

4th of July

Josh lit some fireworks in the street...

4th of July

Our close friends joined us! Also, we were fortunate enough to have Jeanie and Jeannine in town to celebrate!