Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!!!

Happy Birthday Parie!!!

Football "catch" with Dad and James

More fun with bubbles!

Bubbles of Fun!

Up bright and early for another swim meet...

More of Becky and James new little girl Layley!

Becky's Beautiful Baby girl! ~Layley~

I was so fortunate to be in the room when beautiful Layley was born!!! How exciting to find out that it was a little girl!
A truly wonderful gift from Becky, to allow me to join her in this magical moment.

2nd Swim Meet, June 6th

In the first pictures, she's picking up the fourth leg of a relay race.
Then all holding hands, they're off for another race!
Plus, we have another picture of Madison and Kristen. Her new swimming buddy.

Madison's First Swim Meet, May 30

Emilie's Birthday Party, May

Here are some pictures of my little cousin Emilie's birthday party! She's so cute!
And in the last picture, Madison is rocking out to Guitar Hero or Rockband? Well, it's one of those two...

This was actually in May. I've just been a little slow in keeping this updated
: )

Mad's swim team, The Blue Marlins

Becky's Baby Shower

We had a baby shower for my good friend Becky in May. Here's a picture with her and Marley.
She was more patient than most, and waited to find out if it was a boy or a girl.
What a wonderful surprise when she had the baby!!!