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Madison's Blog

Well today is my friend Parie's Birthday so Me,my family members,and Parie get to hang out.


Thursday, June 19, 2008

Madison's Blog

It is Summer!Whoo-Hoo!!!!!!!!!!!That means I have Summer Camp and so far it is wonderful!But my best pal Guin(That is short for
Guinevere.)has not been coming a lot lately and she has only been there for two days! But I have made lots of new friends too.
Their names are:Rianna, Bryson, Jade,Madison,and Madylinn. Some instructors are nice too and their names are:Ms.Suzanna,
and Ms Anna.


Caught up

Okay, I think I'm caught up now. I've been sitting at this computer waaaayyyyy tooooooooo long now. I hope to keep the blog more current but I can't make any promises...

Roller Skating

Yep! That's Madison learning how to skate. She had quite a few spills but kept getting up and going! Kids are so resilient and unbelievably strong. This was one of the few field trips I was able to accompany her on. I wish I could go to all of them.
Here it is...
I declare that all adults shoud get the summers off too!
: )

Effie Yeaw Nature Center

We started the summer off with a trip to our local nature center. It's down by the American River. We took a small hike and then learned about the endangered California Condor. It was fun and more importantly good to get out and about before the extreme heat!

Monster Mini Golf

We spent an afternoon at Monster Mini Golf. It's a new franchise that opened in our town. It was fun. The ENTIRE place is under black lights. There are moving monsters and glowing golf balls. Isn't the clown on the final whole creepy???

Happy Birthday Emilie!

My cousin Ashley's daughter Emilie celebrated her second birthday in May.

Also Ashley has more great news! She was married in March and is now expecting a second child! Congratulations on both!!! If you're wondering, she recently found out...

It's a Boy!

I wonder what names her and her husband Ben are considering??? Can't wait to hear.

Summer Time

School is out and it's summer time! Yay!
We are all so happy for the summer. Josh has even taken the summer off from school so we are enjoying our time together.
Madison had a great second grade and I can't believe she will be entering the third grade!!! Where does time go?
She's in a summer day camp while we're at work. Having fun and has already had multiple field trips.
I recently got a NEW JOB! I'm still a systems analyst but in a new section with new responsibilities and challenges. I'm really excited and happy for the change.


As you may know, my good friends Rebecca and James had a new baby girl March 7, 2008. Here are a couple of pictures of the beautiful girl!!!

During our family trip to Disneyland

The first two pictures are from the hotel. We had fresh, warm and most of all FREE breakfast here every morning. Mad's acting like a pirate : )
The fountain picture is from Downtown Disney.
Isn't the next one soooooooooooo cute. I love it. Madison and Elijah with grandma and grandpa.
And the final picture doesn't need much explanation.
Madison with ice cream everywhere. Love it!

Hard Rock Cafe Hollywood

I didn't get many pictures of us adults. Here are a couple from a dinner out. My mom and Les and then my sister Summer, her husband Donnell, and my niece Alonna.

Universal Studios

Disney California Adventure

Aren't they cute? The kids on daddy's shoulders for one of the many parades we watched at the park.
My nephew Elijah is on my brother in law Donnell's shoulder's and that's Mad on Josh's shoulders.

The ride in the "river raft" was BY FAR Madison's favorite! She wanted to go on it over and over again. I think it's called Grizzly River Run??? She is still talking about this ride...

More Disneyland

For those of you who don't know, St. Patrick's day is my mom's BIRTHDAY! We spent it in Disneyland! It was tons of fun and even better to all be together.

Disneyland in March

I know, I know. I took FOREVER to get pictures up from our Disneyland Trip.
I took way more than I could possibly display but here are a few.