Wednesday, July 11, 2007

My Aunt Linda has been out here visiting from Seattle. It's been great! She has a 12 year old son Tristan and a four year old daughter Jocelyn. It's been great to reconnect with my Aunt Linda! I haven't seen her in years.
Madison and Jocelyn really hit it off!!! They've been visiting each other over the last few days.
Sunday we all went swimming. Monday, Jocelyn came over after work and hung out with us. Tuesday my aunt took Madison for the day while I was at work. They went to the Zoo and Fairytale Town. Finally, tonight they all went to dinner.
I couldn't make it. I am feeling quite sick right now and needed to rest. I have some kind of terrible cold or something.
My mom returned from Ohio yesterday and took Madison with them to dinner. I'm so happy my mom is back! She was only gone a week but I missed her and Les!
Here's a picture of Madison showing her cousin Jocelyn her bedroom. They played dress-up together.

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